Solar Energy Breakthrough

The world is running out of fuel. The oil reserves are low; glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and people are in a state of unrest. The beauty of the earth is no longer present. Oceans have more plastic waste than life. The air quality around the world is giving birth to diseases humans have never heard of before. Like everything else, quality of life is going down and minds focused on survival alone.

In such chaotic times, the world is in dire need of alternate solutions. Solutions that slow the deterioration of the earth down, solutions that help sustain life on the planet. One such innovation is using renewable energy to generate electricity.

The use of solar power has been an ongoing innovation since the start of 2019. Every few months, companies come up with new announcements in the technology. At, we breakdown the latest in solar power with detailed information.

The Design

Solar panels have become a household item in no time. Being a one-time investment, it has proved to be efficient and cost saving. The electric bills go noticeably down and people are able to save a lot of money each year. Although efficient, it has proved to be an eye-soar.

The way it looks does not match the aesthetics of a house making it an unfavourable option for many. A company based in Boston came to the rescue. The company came up with solar skin designs that customizes the skin of the solar panel to match the house. It can match the roof, or have any skin colour of choice. This has been a major breakthrough.

Roads Powered by Solar Energy

Solar powered roads are the new exciting thing in renewable energy. The pavements light up by LED bulbs, which are powered by solar energy. During the daytime, solar panels absorb the sunlight to light bulbs during the night. In addition to that, the thermal energy absorbed by the sun helps in melting snow on the road in winters. This keeps the roads lighted and clean. The major projects of solar powered roads are around the U.S. More countries are adopting the use of sun’s energy to create electricity.

The most lighted city in the U.S. is Las Vegas. The many advertisements of casinos come to life at night. Major hotels in the city are using solar powered energy in order to preserve nature. Knowing that traditional casinos use many resources of energy, companies have opened up online casinos.

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